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Blossom Therapy Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy FAQs

Thank you for visiting Blossom Therapy’s Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy FAQs. Blossom Therapy understands billing can be challenging. We do all we can to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible. We offer complementary benefits checks to understand coverage and deductibles. Blossom Therapy is an in network provider for most BCBS PPO plans. Although out of network for other insurance companies, we are still happy to explore what coverage they may provide. We also offer prompt payment discounts. HSA and FSA spending accounts can also be explored and utilized.

How long is a session?

Session generally last 50 minutes to one hour in length. This time may be used for interactive play opportunities, family coaching and collaboration, and discussing home programs.

Do you provide evaluations?

Yes – we provide evaluations using testing tools and clinical observation to determine if services are warranted, as well as create an appropriate plan of care based on your child’s needs and family’s priorities.

Do you accept private pay?

Yes- please call us for rates

When can my child start ongoing services?

A child would first need an evaluation to determine if they qualify for services. A prescription from the pediatrician is required prior to beginning treatment.

Where are visits conducted?

Sessions are conducted in the home, daycare, school, or the clinic, located at 1927 W Belmont.  Tele-therapy services are also available.

Blossom Therapy Clinic

At our new clinic facility, we’re able to offer support and guidance for sensory processing challenges, fine motor delays, and self-help deficits. We have a large sensory room filled with many enriching and organizing pieces of equipment and activities. Blossom Therapy’s clinic also has smaller spaces for those who benefit from a calm environment to focus and concentrate. Click here to learn more about our facility.

Do you have questions, or wonder if your child would benefit from Blossom Therapy’s Pediatric  Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy ? Visit our Contact Us page to submit a request and we will respond to inquiries within a few days.