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Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate therapists provide pediatric occupational and speech therapy evaluations, consultations, and treatment. We serve newborn babies to ten year old children in a home settings or daycares around Chicagoland, or at our clinic.

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Blossom Therapy Offers Pediatric Speech Therapy in Chicago and Suburbs

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Blossom Therapy Provides Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Chicago and Suburbs

Blossom Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy specialists are a team of knowledgeable and compassionate experts who provide evaluations, consultations, and treatment to newborn babies to ten year old children in a home setting, daycare, and our clinic.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

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Blossom Therapy’s Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy provides evaluations, consultations, screenings and ongoing treatment in the Chicagoland area. Our mission is to help your child reach his/her fullest potential. We are dedicated to working to create plans of care based on your child’s needs and family’s priorities.

  • Services are provided in the home, daycare, or school setting, as well as at our new clinic located in Roscoe Village Chicago. Tele-therapy services are also available.
  • Services are provided for newborn babies through ten year old children.

The Blossom Therapy team strives to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

We work hand and hand with the Early Intervention program in Illinois, as well as provide private services. Our team serves children with a broad range of challenges, including sensory processing difficulties, developmental delays, expressive/receptive communication challenges, ASD, fine motor delays, torticollis, and muscle tone issues. We serve hundreds of families every week to provide support, therapy, consultations, screenings, and evaluations.

We look forward to collaborating and seeing your child blossom!

Blossom Therapy Clinic

At our new clinic facility, we’re able to offer support and guidance for supporting language development, sensory processing challenges, fine motor delays, and self-help deficits. We have a large sensory room filled with many enriching and organizing pieces of equipment and activities. Blossom Therapy’s clinic also has smaller spaces for those who benefit from a calm environment to focus and concentrate. Click here to learn more about our facility.

Do you have questions, or wonder if your child would benefit from Blossom Therapy’s Pediatric  Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy ? Visit our Contact Us page to submit a request and we will respond to inquiries within a few days.